About us
Sunrise View Secondary School is a brand new school that has been built by IMPLATS in partnership with the Department of Education North West. It opened its doors to the learners from Sunrise View, Sunrise Park, Ramochana and surrounding communities on the 15th of January 2014. The school currently have Grade 8 and 9 and we will be phasing in a new grade every year,we will therefore present our first matric class in 2017. Our current enrolment is 371 learners, Grade 8 (249) and grade 9 (122). Following are a few of the school-wide practices and strategies you will see in our classrooms at Sunrise View Secondary School: Uninterrupted 40 minutes period of time for teaching and learning daily. An absolute focus on the essential academic learning requirements. Frequent assessments used to inform instruction and decision making. No tolerance of students who keep others from learning. Every learner engaged in learning Teachers who accept responsibility for each child in their classroom. Again, this is not inclusive, but some of what we believe are our most effective strategies. Being the Principal of this school has been the most rewarding work I have ever engaged in, because I know we are making a difference for children who might not have opportunities in their lives. Without the education we are providing for them inside the classrooms of this focused and determined school. Your journey through the website will reveal the commitment and equal attention given to the four foundation pillars: Academic, Culture, Pastoral and Sport. Learners are encouraged to participate and, through their involvement in an extensive academic and extra-mural programme, learn and practise the skills which equip them to make a difference in the community. "Every child who leaves our school will have the social and academic skills and abilities to make choices in their lives." Ms A.S RASESEMOLA PRINCIPAL